When you purchase a new home, visit a chiropractor or ask a colleague for feedback, you expect honest behaviour. Dentistry is no different. You expect your dentist to honestly examine your oral health, offer quality care and treat you with respect.  

The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) Principles of Ethics define the fundamental commitments that guide a dentist’s ethical practice. According to CDA, all dentists have a responsibility to act and practice honestly:

“Be truthful; behave in a trustworthy manner by furthering the patient’s well-being and acting with moral concern to achieve a good outcome.” – CDA Principles of Ethics

At Bearspaw Dental, the team works to:

    • Establish rapport
    • Build trusting relationships with patients
    • Provide honest treatment advice
    • Ensure all patients are satisfied when they leave

You should expect the same from every dentist you visit throughout your lifetime. If you feel your current dentist isn’t practicing honestly, you may want to consider finding a new clinic.

Remember, honesty goes both ways. You expect your dentist to be open and honest with you, but your dentist also requires you to be candid about your dental and medical history, as well as your feelings towards treatment options. The more information you can provide, the more effectively your dentist can develop a personalized care plan.

About Bearspaw Dental

Bearspaw Dental is highly patient-centered. The team puts patient needs first and exercises honesty when working with people. Our staff believes in open communication and will never push a patient to undergo unnecessary dental work.

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